MACS Al Muthathawerah is an offsite-fabrication solution provider

For all MEP needs at the site, Products can include as much or as little as in the interest of the client

At MACS we believe in a modular future where all construction work is either pre-fabricated or modulized making way for an environmentally friendly and safe work-space for all, our products can help the contractors gain immunity against access related holds and lower the total man-hours at the site can provide opportunities such as reducing liable resources and/or nurture the growth of the company

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The benefits of applying effective HVAC solutions to a project are many:
Reduced cost
Improved quality and safety
Reduced risk
Buildings, infrastructure, engineering and urban regeneration

We are one of the leading end-to-end manufacturing company

In a number of areas of manufacturing engineering, MACS has pioneered the development of approaches and techniques that are now considered the industry standard.
3D Modulization of your service coordination

3D Modulization of Your Service Coordination

We work with you on your approved coordinated / approved drawings to generate modulized drawings in 3D using Autodesk tools such as AutoCAD (2D and 3D), Autocad Fabrication, Revit and Naviswork for 3D a presentable walkthrough, this helps you be prepared for any format requested by the consultant for faster approvals

Corridor Modules (Service corridors)

Corridor Modules (Service corridors)

Simply put, Corridor modules are modules designed specifically for building corridors, service corridors in any type of building is the most service dance areas and partly for their limited space, our solution provides multi-service modules designed with best practice in mind for all phases in the life of a module, this includes coordination of services, faster fabrication, transport to site, logistics at the site, installation, operation, and maintenance, this usually results in the module length between 4 meters and 5.8 meters.
A Corridor Module is focused on eliminating sequential works and providing parallel progress independent of civil works and each service installation, additionally, modules being fabricated by one manufacturer services are well coordinated and clash-free all of which is achieved with zero fabrication or assembly on site.

Riser Modules

Riser modules are vertical modules designed to either be dropped in or lifted into vertical shafts, Riser modules may be for Wet risers, Dry risers, or Mix use risers, if permissible by the project-specific logistics plan engineered by us these modules we will also be designed up to a length of 12 meters and being off-site fabricated reduces the manpower required working at risk and requirement and provides the contractor with an opportunity to utilize their manpower more efficiently

Wet area Modules

These are modules located above bathrooms, powder rooms, and kitchen, they are small size modules mainly housing the FCU, valve package, water heater, ducts, and water pipes, this solution is beneficial for the contractor as it eliminates equipment handling at the site, reduces chances of over-tightening connections, provides safe and secure storage for the equipment and with a record of each installation the contractor can make sure procurement directly matches the BOQ. Additionally, the use of modules for wet areas are also toilet pod friendly as the modules may be installed after placement of pods allowing for more maneuverable space

Pump Room

Pump room modules are designed for offsite fabrication and self-sustainable design, this provides the contractor with advantages that result in a neat Hot Dip Galvanized structure fabricated away from rust prone area and the self-sustained frame independent from builder work quality and site calculations, pump rooms can be designed in multiple manners with Inertia base either incorporated in the module or floor mounted, pumps either installed at a workshop or at the site, with a required and optional platform for service and maintenance, these modules can be customized in multiple segments designed best suitable for site access and assembled parallel to the civil works.

Water Meter Modules

Water Meter Modules are pre-fabricated and preassembled water meter pipes and fittings with proper alignment and ready for meter installation, these are lightweight modules that are usually preferred by the contractor on tight deadlines

Roof Modules

Roof modules mainly include single service modules where large ducts, pipes, and containment are fabricated off-site with or without cladding designed to be easily and safely be lifted into place with the use of cranes, these modules may or may not include inline equipment such as sound attenuators and dampers and may be installed in fixed or movable pedestals, these modules help the contractor to eliminate the sequential works usually holding MEP works such as the construction of pedestals and waterproofing.

Our extensive resume is comprised of over 1,500 projects completed

We completed more than 1500 project by worldwide.


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